We are Coactive

To help humans and machines work together, we've got to start with the right humans. We are a diverse team of experts that have led the charge in the world of machine learning systems and data-centric AI. Among us there are decades of experience in data and machine learning at eBay, Google, Lyft, Meta, Stanford and other leading organizations.

Our Values

Our first and most important product is our company culture, and we treat it as such, continuously building and deploying the best version of it. Our culture is one of incredible humans and openness - so much so that we invite you to clone it, submit PRs, and fork it for yourself:

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Engage Together

We act as one team, always staying humble and grateful. There are no bystanders in our ranks.

Act with Purpose

We move boldly and deliberately, while maintaining pragmatism with empathy.

Lead with Transparency

We always have the hard conversations upfront, and our opinions come backed with evidence.

Meet the Squad

We've created a diverse culture of A players that coactively bring products to life.

Photo of Cody Coleman

Cody Coleman

Co-Founder and CEO

Photo of Will Gaviria Rojas

Will Gaviria Rojas


Photo of Jesper Stroe

Jesper Stroe


Photo of Jennifer Mathers

Jennifer Mathers

Executive Assistant

Photo of Suzanne Singer

Suzanne Singer

Customer Operations Lead

Photo of Danielle Greene

Danielle Greene

People Operations

Photo of Seth Mazow

Seth Mazow


Photo of Sergey Astretsov

Sergey Astretsov

Head of Product

Photo of Caitlin Haugh

Caitlin Haugh

Product Manager, Intern

Photo of Ikenna Okoroafor

Ikenna Okoroafor

Product Growth & Marketing

Photo of Kathy Naylor

Kathy Naylor

Head of HR

Photo of Madina Diabaté

Madina Diabaté

HR & Talent Acquisition

Photo of Stephanie Ahart

Stephanie Ahart

Software Engineer

Photo of Sudnya Diamos

Sudnya Diamos

Software Engineer

Photo of Jacob Greenberg

Jacob Greenberg

Software Engineer

Photo of Seby Jacob

Seby Jacob

Software Engineer

Photo of Kavya Tumkur

Kavya Tumkur

Software Engineer

Photo of Juan Camilo Henao

Juan Camilo Henao

Software Engineer

Photo of Oswaldo Parada

Oswaldo Parada

Software Engineer

Photo of Mehul Smriti Raje

Mehul Smriti Raje

Software Engineer

Photo of Jeff McGovern

Jeff McGovern

Software Engineer

Photo of Dahoon Song

Dahoon Song

Software Engineer

Photo of Diane Gordon

Diane Gordon

Solutions Engineer

Photo of Stephen Mussmann

Stephen Mussmann

Machine Learning Researcher

Photo of Tomás Perez

Tomás Perez

Software Engineer

Photo of Andrés Patiño

Andrés Patiño

Software Engineer

Backed by the Best

Our Investors

We are backed by world-renowned organizations and individuals who are committed to helping us shape the future of visual data.

World-Class Advisors

Our Advisors

We're advised by experts who have a depth of experience in founding and growing technology companies.

Ken ColemanChairman at EIS Group Ltd & Special Advisor to a16z
Matei ZahariaProfessor at Stanford University & Co-Founder/Chief Technologist at DataBricks
Marcelo BressanHead of Developer Success at Temporal Technologies
David CookChief Information Security Officer at Sequoia Consulting Group
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